Food packaging

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Food packaging
Environmental Performance:
*Using Green production process, no heavy metal, no residual organic chemistry solvents, not cross-pollute the contents. No discharge VOCs to affect the environment during processing.
*Using high barrier processing-A, to extend shelf life. To isolate the organic solvent can avoid cross-polluting the contents.
* To replace K-type, no PVDC substance can reduce the hazard to health and environment.
Product Performance:
*Exceptional fragrance protection
*Good moisture barrier
*Good heatsealing characteristic, suitable for high speed production
*Good formability
*Good cold-resistant characteristic
*Good transparency
*Good gas barrier applied to nitrogen, carbon dioxide packaging to avoid food putridity, extends product shelve life
Taipei Pack Industries Corporation
Available in: Taiwan、Hong Kong、USA、Japan、Singapore、Philippines、Malaysia、Thailand、Australia、Asia、Southeast Asia、Europe、North America、Central America、South America、
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Environ. Characteristic: