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Reduce industrial power usage & CO2 emission TO use energy efficiently

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【Performance】 TG100 mini inverter has outstanding starting torque (150%/3Hz) which may lift the machines in a balanced manner. Even for the same machine, the different loading conditions require different torque of an electric machine. The corresponding V (voltage) in V/F of this necessary torque is automatically set at full frequency, which automatically increasing the torque. For the TG100 mini inverter which is operating not at a persistent speed, necessary torque is required for adjusting voltage automatically as it accelerates. The necessary torque can be calculated through an inverter. The compact design is ideal for small and medium horsepower applications. User can reduce mass setup time and fully extends the performance to its limit. Using 16-bit CPU, to improve computing speed. Adopting high-efficiency heat dissipation design can prolong product life. Include the most popular functions in the market and provide more choice to buyers. With CE, UL safety certification High starting torque at low speed. Achieve the continuity and stability of the drive system operation.

Shangchin Electronics Corp.
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