Mosia F0 Healthy Plywood

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Mosia F0 Healthy Plywood
Environmental Performance:
*Formaldehyde Free: Surpass F1 grade substantially. ( F1 grade for entire indoor space, formaldehyde emission would still outnumber the standard )
*None Insect: Exclusive macromolecule hot melt process, solve the Insect problem completely.
*High Adsorption: Adsorb Formaldehyde & TVOC to purify the indoor air. (Achieve 50.45% )
*None Delaminating: Repetitive boiling water soaking test TYPE I . ( Lower formaldehyde, higher delaminating possibility )
*Bamboo Veneer: Made from Taiwan Bamboo, eco friendly amd cultural products
Product Performance:
*The exclusive agglutination technology can replace conventional adhesive (Hing Formaldehyde and VOC contain) by using thermoplastic resin in producing process
* During the exclusive process of macromolecule melt, all the problems about vermin, delaminating, and high formaldehyde will be eliminated completely.
Mosia Flooring Corp.
Available in: Taiwan、Hong Kong、Republic of Korea、Malaysia、
Product Model:
MF-A-C648(18mm-7layer-F1) MB-01A MB-01G MB-02B MB-02D
Product Classification:
Environ. Characteristic: