RTO + Heat Recovery System

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RTO + Heat Recovery System
Environmental Performance:

• Oxidation Temperature at 800 -1000°C, Over 99% voe Removal Efficiency.
• Fuel Free Operation While Inlet voe Loading Over 3% LEL (about 450 ppm).
• Low Pressure Drop Ceramic Media with 95%Heat Recovery.
• Positive Pressure Operation and NGI System Design, Ensure Your Process Maintain A Stable Static Pressure.

Product Performance:

• PLC Auto Control, Remote On Line Service and Diagnostics.
• Flameless VOC Oxidation, Without NOx Pollutant Exhausted.
• Poppet Valves for Rapid Air Direction Change Within 0.7 Second.
• Recover Your Waste Heat Back to The Process, Even Replace The Existed Boiler or Heater.

Air Pollution Control Equipment & Engineering
Available in: Taiwan, China, Japan, South East Asia
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