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Environmental Performance:
This energy saving dual-shaft fan is a good appliance that can reduce power consumption and cool you off. It can effectively reduce power consumption for air conditioners and also reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, which in turn mitigates the green-house effect.
Product Performance:
The twin green energy dual-shaft fan is a revolutionary product. It consists of a motor with a dual-shaft where each end of the shaft has an identical directional fan blade mounted on it. When it operates, two fan blades create different airflow directions like the typhoon’s spiral arm stirring up air in space. When the upper air is blown out in two different directions, the center of the fan creates a great attraction force, which sucks up the air between the lower side of the fan and the ground to the center and thus creates the typhoon effect just as the cycling typhoon creating a negative pressure (i.e. attraction force) around the space and providing the most comfortable air pressure for about 0.2 second. By adjusting the turntable and the guide vane of the dual-shaft fan, you can adjust the airflow speed to “Strong”, “Mid” and “Low” to your personal liking.
Twingo Green Energy Co., Ltd.
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