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After implementing the Green Trade Project for one year, the GTPO (Green Trade Project Office) under the Bureau of Foreign Trade saw that “green building materials” had become very important within the field of green economy. Embracing green trends and maintaining Taiwan’s competitive edge in the global green industry, GTPO decided to incorporate “green building materials” into the Circular Economy, and combine both fields into “Green Materials”, one of the major categories of the green industry.


GTPO participated in the ‘2017 Taipei Building Show’ in order to enhance its understanding of Taiwan’s green building material industry and help Taiwanese businesses gage the latest green trade project information and business opportunities in the New Southbound markets. The Show took place at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, December 14-17 and promoted the five major categories of the green industry: Renewable Energy & Energy Storage, Energy Saving Solutions, Green Material, Environmental Protection Equipment and Low Carbon Transportation.


During the exhibition, GTPO played its official video, displayed its brochures and enabled visitors to experience the online “Certification of Green Product Search Platform”. This allowed visitors to deepen their understanding of green trade projects and their visions. Projects included: services of “Green Customer Exploration Project”; Consultation on acquiring green product certification; and information about the Green Products Pavilion at the Taiwan Expo 2018 in the five New Southbound Markets: Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.


According to the survey generated by GTPO during the exhibition, over 95% of visitors indicated that GTPO’s participation in the 2017 Taipei Building Show helped them better understand green trade projects. The results demonstrated that visitors of the green building material zone were mostly manufacturers of heat insulation materials, raw materials and energy-saving products, and the most popular topics were green building & materials, circular economy, environmental protection equipment and renewable energies.