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During the last six years we have witnessed substantial growth in the domestic green industry. To keep the growth momentum going, TAITRA is spearheading this year moves to take the GTPO (Green Trade Project Office) into its third phase of development, which aims to enhance the local green industry and products for export, and also to highlight Taiwan’s green technological know-how and achievements.


Supervised by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, GTPO is the primary think tank and accelerator established to help craft policies to support development of the green trade in Taiwan. We will continuously work with companies that supply, manufacture and design green products/technologies to develop overseas markets.


The GTPO will adopt big data analytics in its promotion activities for five major green categories, namely renewable energy, energy savings, environmental protection equipment, recycle of resources and low carbon transportation. Meanwhile, the GTPO will continue to assume the role in leading the Taiwanese green vendors to attend overseas trade shows and relevant promotional missions. The ASEAN nations will be our primary target markets for export, while Europe, America, and China as secondary, and followed with other developed countries.


We will also implement, starting this year, a service program dubbed the “Green Desk & Customized Market Cultivation Project”, which will initially take place in the ASEAN region. This new project will provide in each country, a local sales professional to represent Taiwanese vendors in dealing with potential customers from their target markets. Moreover, GTPO will assist Taiwanese green suppliers to comprehend the importance of international standards on quality and safety certifications, and finally reach them.


For decades, Taiwan has been successful in manufacturing and supplying environment friendly products to the global market. The GTPO leverages international conferences and trade fairs to arrange dialogues for possible green business or joint projects with foreign enterprises. For more information about GTPO, please visit our website at www.greentrade.org.tw