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Green Trade Project Office

The Green Trade Project Office (GTPO) invited three representatives from the renewable energy association in Taiwan to launch Taiwan’s latest trend in the renewable energy industry. This event was held on March 2, 2017 during World Smart Energy Week  in Tokyo, Japan. More than 50 domestic companies attended the seminar, filling the meeting room to capacity. 


“In order to implement the goal of becoming a non-nuclear country by 2025, the government will invest in renewable energy and nuclear power will gradually be replaced by green energy,” said Jeff Hou, the Vice Director of GTPO. "Lacking in most natural resources and highly dependent on energy imports, Taiwan and Japan are both facing the same problem. This was the perfect opportunity to launch Taiwan’s latest trend in renewable energy."


TaiwanPV Installation, Industry and Policy, first introduced by Dr. Peng Heng Chang,chairman of Taiwan Photovoltaic Industry Association (TPVIA) and CEO of MotechIndustries, Inc. said, “PV capacity target is set up to 20 GW by 2025 with 3GWrooftop-type systems and 17 GW ground-type systems. Taiwan will devote itselfto the continuous growth of PV, and welcomes international cooperation tofoster the development of PV in the global society.”


The chairman of Taiwan Battery Association (TBA), Prof. Jim Torng-Jinn Lee, was then introduced to launch the latest trend in Taiwan's battery industry and share information with the audience regarding their cooperation with Japan’s companies. Thirdly, the Deputy Director of Taiwan's Smart Grid Industry Association (TSGIA), Dr. Yen-Haw Chen, brought Taiwan’s Energy Development Perspective to the audience.


The development of green energy, which has the support of both private and public sectors, has been one of the many areas prioritized by GTPO for promotion on the global market in recent years.