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        In response to global low-carbon and green transformation trends, major brands around the world have responded by participating in international environmental initiatives. Some major initiatives include the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) which require companies to evaluate their own carbon reduction mechanisms and goals through scientifically validated methods. Other initiatives include the RE100 in which participating companies commit to using 100% green electricity by 2050 at the latest, the EV 100 asks corporate fleets to transform to using electric vehicles, and the EP100 promotes corporate improvement of green productivity. Fueled by low-carbon environmental trends, the development of a green economy has become a global consensus.

       By August of 2022, more than 3,500 companies are taking action in the SBTi initiative, 1,680 companies are committed to reducing emissions with science based targets, and 1,286 companies have declared to achieve net zero emissions. Taiwan industries have also joined in the effort, by August of 2022, 68 Taiwanese companies have joined SBTi, and 19 companies have joined RE100. In order to assist Taiwanese enterprises in the net zero trade trend, this handbook gathers information on Taiwanese product exporters that are currently participating in international carbon reduction initiatives such as SBTi, RE100, EV100, EP100, etc., to increase international presence of the industry, and to demonstrate that Taiwanese firms are actively responding to international net zero emission trends.