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In Indonesia (Solo, Magelang and Jakarta), POLYSTAR has been working very closely with the leading PE and PP bag producers for their in-house recycling requirements. In total of 7 POLYSTAR recycling lines have been installed in three of the largest HDPE and PP film/bag manufacturers in Indonesia. The top three bag producers who sell most of their products to the domestic market, combine for a monthly production of over 8,500 tonnes. The seven POLYSTAR machines are now processing nearly 1,000 tonnes of post-industrial waste per month.


“We fell in love with the compact design of the POLYSTAR line at first sight. The machine looked robust and the design is simple and user-friendly,” said Mr. Hendrix, production manager of Solo’s largest HDPE film producer. "High and stable output, superior pellets quality is the reason why we've continued to work with POLYSTAR,” he said. The company has purchased it’s second POLYSTAR in 2016 after having worked with the first one since 2014.


"The POLYSTAR recycling machines are extremely easy to operate, which is ideal for our workers to process all the in-house waste,” said Mr. Pandhika, manager of the renowned T-shirt and garbage bag maker located in Jakarta. “The output of the machines are incredibly high and stable and we’ve already been running the machines for years." The company is now equipped with 2 sets of POLYSTAR HNT-120V recycling machine. Known for it’s premium quality of plastic bag products in the market, the Indonesia-based producer has been using high quality recycled pellets processed by POLYSTAR machines back into film extrusion lines, and continues to produce one of the best quality film in Jakarta.