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The 29th Summer Universiade will take place in Taipei, Taiwan from Aug. 19-30, 2017. This is the biggest international sport event ever to be hosted in Taiwan. As the city gets ready for this event, creativity and innovation can be seen in Taiwanese company SINGTEX® Industrial Co. Ltd. Using S. Café® yarn, SINGTEX® supplied the clothing for torch and torchbearers’ clothes unveiled on April 19-23 at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei. S. Café® yarn is a new type of yarn with microscopic particles of coffee grounds and micro pores that absorb odors and reflect UV rays, in addition to the ability to dry 200 percent faster than cotton.


S. Café® yarn was developed by SINGTEX®, under founder Chairman Jason Chen who while out taking a break with his wife Amy, was told by his wife as a joke that he should put coffee grounds on his shirt to avoid the smell of sweat after hiking. Jason thought this to be such a great idea, that he put it into action. After four years of research, S. Café® yarn was eventally created.


It is not the first time that SINGTEX® has produced textile for a major sporting event. SINGTEX® developed a special textile combining coffee grounds with plastic bottles to develop functional jerseys for World Cup players. This was especially innovative and functional, as it was possible to use recycled PET bottles to reuse and diminish waste, while the coffee grounds absorb  odor . Some of the big sporting brands that have worked or used SINGTEX® fabric include THE NORTH FACE, Patagonia, VAUDE,GAP among others.

Taiwan’s textile industry has been a leading industry for Taiwan. However, due to heavy competition, for textile companies to survive, they’ve had to be creative and innovative in their products. SINGTEX® is one such Taiwanese company. Due to climate change, SINGTEX® has invested heavily annually in research and producing eco-friendly functional textiles. Since its establishment in 1989, it has continued to pioneer new textile fabrics.

For more information on SINGTEX®, and S. Café®, visit http://www.singtex.com/en-global/about/index.