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Wang Yuan-Hong, manager of Sunfly Solar Energy, explain that “Daylight Tubular Device LED”, or DTD, is using natural light as indoor luminary, by guiding sunlight indoor during daytime, power consumption of high wattage lightings during peak time can be dramatically dropped, while low wattage LED is been used nocturnally, with over 70% of electricity will be saved, compare with normal industrial halogen lightings, or 400W high pressure sodium lights that commonly used. What makes Sunfly feel proud about, is even though devoting to the field of DTD lately, rather than foreign competitors, the company is confident to tackle the problem of daylight lacking, by using embedded LED technology, and thanks to its special embedding technology, longevity of embedded LED is been extended, result in more economic efficiency.


From a mother company that experts in compound constructing material, to a extended coating subsidiary branch, Sunfly Solar Energy was established under gradual development, hoping that combine products between the two, achieving application of green energy’s integrating arrangement. When facing with various competitors, Sunfly can still holds its market share, chiefly because the independent production line of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), resulting reflection panel material with better quality (98.5% of reflection rate), but lower cost.


In recent years, various manufacturers sets OEM factories in Asian countries, in order to pursue high margin, as well as low cost, in this case, with an friendly environment, Southeast Asia is the most ideal choice. Having highly interest of this market share, Sunfly is also endeavoring to devote this market. Therefore, Sunfly is on the plan that advancing on Southeast Asia by introductory offering, ready to seize the market of this undeveloped market.