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Power Today – India’s influential, well-read and respected magazine that empowers the readers by providing all the news and information to keep pace with today's competitive market. An expert panel of writers and analysts ensure each month that Power Today brings a comprehensive, in-depth and insightful analysis of the Indian and global power generation, transmission & distribution sectors. Power Today brings to readers interviews with the who’s-who of the industry, policy analyses, project updates, statistics, technologies, features, key commercial developments and lots more.

Readership: Central & State Electricity Boards, Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution Companies, Services & Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers and End Users, Project Consultants and Consulting Engineers, Utility Companies, Government and inter-Government agencies, Bureaucrats & Related Ministries, Financial Institutions, High Net Worth Individuals, etc.

The influence of the magazine

1.Around 80 per cent of readers are from top management and around 88 per cent of readers act on seeing advertisements in the magazine.

2.Its website www.PowerToday.in is a preferred source of news and information, with over 16,000 unique visitors and around 800,000 hits a month.

3.The annual POWER TODAY AWARDS recognise and honour excellence across the sector.