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Indonesia Media: APERLINDO

Publications: Sentra Elektrik

Sentra Elektrik is Indonesia’s biggest & most widespread magazine of lighting, cable and electricity. Its mission is to bridge lighting producers with retailers and customers. It has distribution in 35 provinces, and some readers include The Cable Manufacturing Association (APKABEL) and Indonesian Association of Electrical Industries (APPI), electric stores, grocery stores, electricity contractors, consultants, etc. It has an estimated 3,000,000 readers.

Sentra Elektrik’s parent company is APERLINDO (The Indonesian Electrical Lighting Industry Association) which was founded in 1980 by business people in the electrical lighting sector. Until today APERLINDO still holds its course to build an electrical lighting industry society towards a better future. There has been a lot of real efforts by APERLINDO to help its members by providing guidance, gathering and disseminating information and promoting its member and the product that they have to the wide public and market, locally and globally. This is done through exhibitions, workshops, symposiums and regular printed publications.