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Publications: EE Club Magazine

The full-color publication of its kind in the Philippines, EE Club – The Magazine for the Electrical Enthusiast, introduces readers to the world of electrical engineering and related fields from renewable energy to innovations in technology. It presents wide-ranging features containing all-inclusive content written in a concise and straightforward manner, using a mainstream approach that its target readers can respond to.

Our intended readers are consumers projected to belong to an affluent and active market from a large age group – 21-78 years old -- consisting of business owners and managers, contractors and suppliers, professionals and students, and company executives, who make informed decisions on purchases of electrical products & services, gadgets, appliances and other related items on a regular basis. The overall well-being of our target market is also addressed via engaging articles that touch on various consumer-related needs and wants. 

As a result of our partnership with the Society of Philippine Electro-Technical Constructors and Suppliers, Inc. (SPECS) and the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineering - CSC Alumni Association, Inc. (IIEE-CSCAA), industry practitioners and other professionals are regularly exposed to our magazine via special events, exhibitions and seminars that are held nationwide all throughout the year.