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Green Trade Project Office (GTPO), the international trade promotion arm of Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs organizes the Green Products Pavilion of Taiwan Expo 2018 with the first event taking place from March 29th to 31st in Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia, followed by similar events in India, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia during this year. Together with the most famous Taiwanese companies in green industries, GTPO plans out four display areas (Solar Pump, Office Gym, Green Factory and Waste Treatment Process) in this event for promotion of five major industries including Renewable Energy and Energy Storage, Energy Saving Solutions, Recycling of Resources, Green Materials, and Low Carbon Transportation.

The show will focus on practical applications in Indonesia with a smart green factory concept. Vegetation is irrigated by the connection with PID-Free solar PV from ETERBRIGHT, solar pump technology from WALRUS, solar motor drive by RHYMEBUS CORPORATION, and water meter from YUANTEAI. The Fitness Green Power Station from Rhymebus is displayed to promote the combination of exercising and power generation. This equipment showcases Taiwan’s Renewable Energy and Energy Storage industries. As for Energy Saving Solutions, smart solution from Fu-sheng (the 5th largest air-compressor company in the World); industrial frequency converter produced by RHYMEBUS CORPORATION (as durable as seven years); and Daylight Tubular Device with LED from Sunfly Solar Energy Solutions.

Green Materials are also showcased, such as N. Pole Paint from GLOBALGBN, (can reduce the surface temperature by as much as 30 degrees Celsius); look-alike- granite paints by ADDSTONE, and eco stationary products from MYWAY. In addition, waste water treatment service from EVER CLEAR, sludge product from TAIHO Environmental Enterprises, and “the Earth System”, an organic waste rapid recycling technology & equipment for business solution are also displayed for the Recycling of Resource industries.

Welcome to visit the Taiwan Green Products Pavilion in TAIWAN EXPO INDONESIA 2018. Let us ”Green Your Day, Build A Better Way” hand in hand!