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As the 29th Summer Universiade in Taipei is fast approaching (from Aug. 19-30, 2017), Taipei City Government has been planning the water source for the athletes competing in the various events. The International University Sports Federation (FISU) in order to ensure athletes get safe drinking water, has required that water be provided from bottled water. The water will be sourced from Taiwanese companies in the bottling water business.


It has been estimated by Taipei City Government that there will be more than 200,000 PVC bottles consumed by athletes in this event. This is the biggest international sport event ever to be hosted in Taiwan, thus the government has come up with a plan with a local company to recycle the plastic bottles. The bottles will be turned into 800 Gray Eco Blankets, and be distributed to Taiwanese low income households. This local company has a history of helping disaster victims in many countries stay warm through its eco-friendly blankets made from recycled plastic bottles.


According to some estimates, every year more than 4 billion PET bottles are discarded in Taiwan, and Taiwan EPA believes that 100,000 tons of PET bottles can be recycled. Roughly 63 recycled PET bottles can be made into one Gray Eco Blanket. Since 2012 more than 290 companies in Taiwan specialize in recycling plastic waste containers. The figure includes all kinds of plastic bottles recycling and used as material to make other products. Products made from recycled plastic bottles include clothes, blankets, tote bags, and other daily-use textile. Many Taiwanese companies are leaders in this industry, and have received international recognition.  


Some leaders utilizing waste plastic bottles to make into new products include SINGTEX Industrial Co., Ltd., Da-Ai Technology Co. Ltd., and Ecomax Textile Co., Ltd.. Some of the environmental benefits include saving natural resources and adding value, converting waste into resources and pollution reduction. More importantly, it creates many new business opportunities for Taiwan.


To learn more about Taiwan Eco-Products Suppliers, visit: http://www.greentrade.org.tw/en/cp/catalogs