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[01-Oct-2014 on Thenewsmarket]

LED Lighting becomes multifunctional. It offers more than illumination, but also creates atmospheres. More importantly, they're energy-saving and environmentally friendly. But LED has one major hurdle entering the consumer market: they are relatively pricier!

The price disadvantage has been changing in Taiwan. Take this Taiwanese manufacturer for example, four years into merchandizing its lighting equipment, it has developed its own production line, extended its distribution rapidly, and succeeded in quantity discount, which has resulted in a price cut by 30%.

The dimmer control was very expensive in the past. But not with our LED. This type of LED is high tech and should be high-priced. But it would mean nothing if it's not affordable.

Taiwan makes remarkable efforts in green industry, with the no. 1 output value in LED industry in the world. Now the high quality local brands are becoming affordable. As President of one of the LED leaders, Chin-lien Wang knows best about LED from manufacture to sale. Her dream is to thoroughly change the lives of the users in a brighter way.

The only thing we've done for the past 30 years is to offer the best product to those in need.

Right now they offer more than 200 products, which are used in various sites such as public facilities and large enterprises. Thirty years in the market gives them the advantage in production and the supply chain. It also successfully enters the international market, even to Africa which is in dire need of energy-saving lighting solutions.

It's our mission to bring light from Taiwan to the rest of the world. We have, for example, distributors in Poland in Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand in southeastern Asia even Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda in Africa. We have clients in hope of being our distributors. At this critical moment of the climate change and energy crisis, environmentalism has become the center of global industrial development. The LED lights have started to shine from Taiwan to the entire world.
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