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Greener Home, Greener World
[24-Sep-2014 on Thenewsmarket]

The intelligent use of local materials is very important when it comes to green buildings. Taiwanese designers have started to apply all sorts of local supplies on buildings inside and out. Bamboo is a unique material that is stylish, inexpensive, and it allows your home to breathe.

Green materials in Taiwan come from not only natural resources, but also ultimate combinations of creativities and technologies. Taiwan's LED production, for example, sets the world's record in volume. PV production ranks world No. 2. Together comes the Solar-LED ground light.

This IDEA award-winning ground light is totally solar powered. 8 hours of sun exposure works up for 24 hours of light. It's also waterproof and pressure-resistant which makes it easier to apply in interior design. This product is a joint effort among various green factories. And the collaboration grows bigger! The green exhibition hall, built with over 2,000 eco-friendly products, has become a perfect show room as well as a marketing site. You can find more examples and samples of Taiwanese local materials and intelligent combinations of craftsmanship and technologies here.
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