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Taiwan LED Lights up the world

brings warmth and hopes
It persists through time and space
It's as humble as a stream
as passionate as the sea
Just Like TAIWAN
Do you know
(Taiwan once was the globally main supplier of X'mas light bulbs)
"Formosa", as you called it
accompanied children around the world
shining their dreams at many X'mas nights
Years gone by
We keep sending lights
(LIGITEK donated 5,000 solar-powerd LEDs to Jordan refugee camp in 2015)
to every conner of darkness
we have leading technologies
decent and diligent peolple
just like the light
we undertake worth
and overtake qualities
Departing from this beautiful island
We will keep chasing the light
illuminate Taiwan
and light up the world
(Jackson Torng, Chairman & CEO LIGITEK ELECTRONICS CO., LTD)
LED, Made In Taiwan

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