Delta Electronics – Making Further Strides in Emission Reduction

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Delta Electronics – Making Further Strides in Emission Reduction

Delta Electronics is a Taiwanese company founded in 1971, and a global leader in power and thermal management solutions. It has leveraged its advanced know-how in power electronics to develop the new ultra-fast charger for electric vehicles. This is in accordance to the company’s mission: “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow”.

Delta first introduced its smart Electric Vehicle (EV) and Plug-in Hybrid EV (PHEV) charging technology in Detroit, U.S.A. on Oct. 29, 2014 to target large scale charging technology at low cost. The company also unveiled its Site Management System (SMS) which keeps track of utility energy profiles, helping consumers to save money by charging their EVs during off peak times. This led to the largest cluster of smart-grid charging stations in Detroit. This huge success led to following projects such as the installation of a quick charging solution at Hong Kong International Airport and building of EV charging stations at famous Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan.

The new 150kW DC Ultra-Fast EV Charger has the capability of charging as many as 4 vehicles simultaneously, and close to 35% reduced charging time (with 68kW charging power) versus a common 50kW charger. Another innovative feature is the modular system design that facilitates future power upgrades. It was unveiled this year at the Hannover Messe (Fair), the World’s largest industrial fair. It is open to all electric vehicles as it complies with CCS-200A, CHAdeMO-125A, as well as Typ2-63A.

Other successful electronic products ranked among the highest efficiency in the industry, include telecom power 98%, PV inverters, 98.8%, and switching power supplies with efficiency over 90%. Delta is a global powerhouse, having worldwide operations in Taiwan, China, U.S., Europe, Singapore, Thailand and Japan.

Some international organizations whom Delta has received awards include Dow Jones, having been selected as a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability™ World Index (DJSI World) for six consecutive years since 2011. The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) ranked Delta at the Climate Change Leadership Level.