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    It’s O’right to Make Headway in Taiwan Green Building and Products

    It’s O’right to Make Headway in Taiwan Green Building and Products

    For this year’s World Architecture Day taking place on October 2, 2017, O’right’s green building with its headquarters in the mountainous region of Longtan, Taiwan is an ideal place to make a visit. The company has been garnering a lot of attention both locally and internationally through its hair products that are made with certified organic ingredients and natural plant extracts. Its headquarter is equally impressive, having won Taiwan’s Ecology, Energy, Waste Reduction and Health (EEWH) Green Building Gold Certificate and various ISO certifications.

    O’right headquarter is the first certified green cosmetics plant in Asia that attained Taiwan’s EEWH Green Building Gold Certificate. Seven major green building indicators that the company has achieved include: 1. CO2 Reduction, 2. Water Retention (10 times greater than the standards), 3. Greening (3 times greater than the standards), 4. Sewage and waste disposal facility improvement, 5. Indoor Environment, 6. Water conservation, 7. Daily Energy Conservation. It has also received numerous ISO certifications, including ISO 500001 for Energy Efficiency through implementing an Energy Management System (EnMS) and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management in its headquarters of 4959 m2.

    The building was designed to bring in natural lighting and great indoor ventilation to save energy. Permeable massive glass panels were installed to allow this, while LED lamps can be used when necessary leading to a lot of savings in energy. O-right claims that as they are located 300 meters above sea level, this provides for 300 air-conditioning free days per year. These and other measures implemented leads to a lot of savings in electricity annually, equivalent to 216 tons of CO2 emissions. In addition, the building includes an "energy-saving restroom" that uses water saving sanitary facilities such as foot pedal faucets that does away with electric sensor faucets helping to save electricity and an estimated water saving of up to 65.5%! O’right headquarters are not only saving energy, but also in energy creation. The company has installed solar panels with a maximum output of 50.4kw/hr. which also function as canopy and sunshade, in addition to wind turbines with maximum output of 1.9kw/hr. This energy is used for the production line of its eco-friendly products.

    Indoor plantations found in the headquarter, such as the Green Hallway is a natural air cleaner, generating fresh air for its employees. Outdoor plantations such as the Sky Farm is landscaped with pebbles, soil and vegetation. It is a place where employees can plant herbs and vegetables, and serves as an effective method for reducing the heat island effect and reducing carbon. In addition, O’right’s headquarter systematically collect and reuse rainwater for irrigation, restroom water, cleaning, & its waterfall landscape found at the entrance. Water from the production process undergoes a four-pool purification and reclaimed water is integrated with the eco ponds for raising fish and creating a natural eco-chain.

    This year for World Architecture Day on October 2, 2017 the theme is Climate Change Action! You can take part by visiting O’right’s green headquarters in Longtan mountain area to learn more on how green buildings make a big part in contributing to fighting global climate change! Furthermore, you can use its high-quality hair products that are made with certified organic ingredients and natural plant extracts which have won many eco-friendly awards.

    For more information on O’right headquarter or its eco-friendly products, visit its website: