Taiwan Greening Your Life

About Us

In response to the international goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, developing sustainable economies based on carbon reduction has become the global consensus for the future and an inevitable trend that enterprises around the world must face. In view of this, the International Trade Administration (TITA) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has established the “Green Trade Information Website” to assist international buyers in seeking Taiwanese companies for collaboration and purchasing Taiwanese products for global markets. This site provides the following content and services:

  1. Offers a green digital industry map of various supply chains for Taiwan’s industries so that foreign buyers can find relevant suppliers and create opportunities for green trade business.
  2. Promotes Taiwan’s green publications in English, such as “Taiwanese Corporations Adopt Low Carbon Initiatives,” to enable foreign buyers to learn about the efforts of Taiwanese enterprises to reduce carbon emissions.
  3. Assists prospective global buyers in collaborating with Taiwan’s green industries to establish cross-sector supplier ecosystems and adopt total solutions concerning solar energy, waste processing, and other industries, and thus export to global markets.
  4. Focuses on international green community outreach (e.g., global industrial associations, academic networks, such as the OECD, APEC, WTO, GGGI, APO, etc.) to receive and disseminate the latest low carbon ideas and expertise.
  5. Introduces annual international exhibitions related to green themes, such as solar energy, green material, energy storage, etc.
  6. Organizes trade missions and business networking events to continue building partnerships with international industry players, help Taiwanese businesses expand their markets, and elevate product competitiveness. We encourage foreign stakeholders to contact us to seek partnerships.