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Wind Power Industry Map

  The upstream, midstream and downstream of the wind power industry are wind power manufacturing industry, wind power service industry and the wind power generation industry. The wind power manufacturing industry includes raw materials, parts and components/subsystem, wind turbine/auxiliary equipment; the wind power service industry includes wind farm construction, wind farm maintenance, wind farm survey, marine service and logistics management.

  Wind power manufacturers enter the supply chain by producing and supplying raw materials, parts and components/subsystem for wind turbine systems, then provide the products to Mainland China, European or American system integrators. As the offshore wind farms gradually develop in Taiwan, a mature underwater foundation supply chain starts to form domestically. This is because underwater foundations, onshore substations and other supporting equipment currently are main investment projects of Taiwanese enterprises. Domestic corporations are involved in supplying various products from upstream supply chain such as steel, steel pipe pile, transition piece, cathodic protection to assembly of underwater foundation construction within the midstream supply chain.

  The wind power service industry is gradually developing due to increase of off-shore wind power projects, the service industry can provide customized services according to individual needs and offer considerable flexibility within the service content and terms of contract. With special licensing, the wind power generation industry have full ownership of the wind farm and is in charge of all operations from the development period to the operational stage of the wind farm. The development could be divided into two categories, onshore and offshore.

Upstream - SourceMaterial Upstream - Parts and Components / Subsystem Midstream - Wind Turbine / Auxiliary Equipment Downstream - Wind Power Service Downstream - Development & Operations Upstream - Source Material Upstream - Parts and Components / Subsystem Midstream - Wind Turbine / Auxiliary Equipment Downstream - Development & Operations Downstream - Wind Power Service
*EPCI = Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation
**EPC = EPC- Engineering, Procurement, and Construction