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Water Treatment Industry Map

  Taiwan water treatment industry has more than 50 years of experience, the industry started with the manufacturing of equipment for industry water usage, then gradually flourished the wastewater and sewage treatment solution enterprises due to developments within industrial and public works. In recent years, due to lack of water resources, the industry has establish and developed seawater desalination and water recycling equipment and relevant solutions.

  Each water treatment company has its own expertise in material technology and engineering methodology, therefore classify the industry chain as follows. In the industry chain upstream are manufacturers of materials and chemicals such as filter materials, membrane tubing, chemical solutions, membrane plates, various filters and spare parts. Midstream equipment companies include those that manufacture filters, pure water equipment, water treatment equipment, pumps, motors, de-sliming dehydrators, etc. Downstream engineering companies are in the fields of solution integration, wastewater processing solutions, water recycling, water supply system engineering, desalination engineering, operation and maintenance, automatic control systems, etc. Taiwan's water treatment industry not only has professional technical skills, its companies also possess high-quality design and integration capabilities, thus produces products with excellent performance. Currently, relevant goods has been exported globally due to the booming domestic industry growth and rapid expansion of overseas Taiwanese enterprises.

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