Taiwan Greening Your Life

LED Lighting Industry Map

  The objective of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050 is a collective global effort, with lighting serving as a crucial factor in energy saving within building construction, therefore raising advancements in lighting technology are able to significantly lower the energy consumption within buildings. Governments worldwide have adopted solid-state lighting technologies, particularly LED lighting to replace traditional lighting through policies to achieve the benefits of energy saving. Currently, LED lighting products have become the mainstream market solution.

  The Taiwan LED lighting industry encompasses a comprehensive supply chain, from upstream materials like sapphire substrate, packaging materials, and lead frame. Taiwanese LED chip manufacturing capacity ranks among top three worldwide; the cumulative production value of LED components (encompassing LED chip and LED package) ranks as the fourth largest provider globally, securing a pivotal position in the global LED component industry. Additionally, Taiwan’s LED lighting power supply products received global recognition. Government subsidies have been instrumental in fostering development of downstream LED lighting products industry sector, with the goal of balancing energy efficiency and industrial development with the initial focus on promoting outdoor applications, progressively extending to indoor lighting. As sensor technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) gradually matures, LED lighting products steadily shift towards the development of intelligent lighting systems, thus creating new business opportunities for LED lighting products.

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