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Electric Vehicle Industry Map

  The key components of an electric vehicle (EV) system mainly include a battery, a motor, an electric power control system, and a charging system. In Taiwan, leading EV manufacturers have invested in the EV supply chain, which includes materials, components and modules, subsystems, system integration etc. Auto original equipment manufacturers in Taiwan deal with various kinds of EVs, including electric scooters, electric passenger vehicles, electric commercial vehicles, and electric buses.

  Owing to their rising sales volume, electric scooters in Taiwan have led to the evolution of a vehicle ecosystem leveraging the partnership between software and hardware companies. These electric scooters offer both the plug-in and battery swapping charging modes, leading to the creation of multiple charging networks and services. The quick charging specifications of Taiwanese electric scooters have been recognized by the International Electrotechnical Commission as one of the international standards. Taiwanese manufacturers of electric passenger vehicles offer customized designs and are capable of the mass production of battery materials, battery management systems, battery test systems, motors and inverters within the power system, on-board chargers, AC/DC charging equipment etc. Suppliers in Taiwan have successfully entered the international supply chain of leading vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla and Volkswagen group. Taiwan government is planning to achieve component localization and “complete electrification of public transport (Bus)” by 2030; therefore it encourages domestic manufacturers to develop key components and systems for electric buses. In addition, the manufacturers strive to implement advanced driver assistance capabilities to enhance the safety of electric buses during steering.

  Taiwanese companies have the capability to design and manufacture key components and systems for different types of EVs and provide solutions for the issues concerning different tiers in the EV supply chain.

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