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Smart Green Building Industry Map

  A smart green building introduces green designs in its building life-cycle, ranging from material sourcing, building design, construction, to construction waste processing and recycling; in addition, the smart green building might also make use of high-tech applications and green appliances in its interior design, to offer a comprehensive eco-friendly, health conscious and sustainable living environment. The smart green building industry chain is defined as the upstream, midstream and downstream related industries that can achieve the sustainable goal of smart green buildings. Upstream products are composed of building components and intelligent facilities, including system hosts/panels/sensors, automatic control modules/components, smart energy-efficient household appliance, green energy generation, energy storage equipment, reclaimed water reuse systems, and water-saving equipment. The midstream consists of equipment or components that constitute an intelligent green building system, including smart energy management, smart energy-saving appliances, smart green energy grids, smart energy-saving lighting, smart sensing & energy-saving facade (e.g. external shading system, curtain wall, etc.), and smart water-saving equipment systems, etc. Downstream includes construction companies, interior design companies, energy service companies and other related service providers.

  Net-zero carbon buildings and smart technology applications are both important key strategies for reducing energy consumption in the building sector to achieve the government's 2050 net-zero carbon emissions. In order to reduce the impact of the construction industry on the environment, Taiwan has been promoting the green building policy since 2000, and has accumulated a lot of remarkable results. In addition, the development of information and communication (ICT) technology is an advantage of Taiwan. Under the regulations of the government's green building label system and intelligent building label system, Taiwan's smart green building-related industries have begun to develop rapidly. Fortune Business Insight reported that the global smart building market is projected to grow to $328.62 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 22.2% in forecast period, 2022-2029. Thus, the establishment of this smart green building industry map integrates the entire smart green building industry supply chains, which could help related industries in Taiwan expand to the international market, enhance industrial competitiveness, and grasp the huge output value and business opportunities of innovative industries.

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