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Taiwan Renewable Energy Solutions Online Presentation and Biz Meeting


High-growth developments around the world have been embracing the global move towards energy transition on a grand scale. This move towards renewable energy and the ultimate goal of net-zero has opened up opportunities for the energy sector. Taiwan Renewable Energy Solutions Online Presentation and Biz Meeting brings together representatives from 6 top Taiwanese companies in Renewable Energy and Energy Storage to share how they’ve been taking part in fighting climate change.


After the presentation, you can make an appointment with these suppliers. Register here for the Online Biz Meeting!   https://reurl.cc/2b75N6

If you are interested in learning other companies that supplies renewable energy products in Taiwan   https://www.greentrade.org.tw/en/home...


Taiwanese companies presenting their most innovative and latest products include:

United Renewable Energy (URE) – Solar Modules, Solar Cells, & Energy Storage

SAS Sunrise – Solar Power Systems & Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

SEGL Energy – Energy Storage System (ESS)

Celxpert – Lithium-Ion Batteries for various applications

J.S. Power – Lithium-Ion Cells and Lithium-Ion Packs

Thingnario – Photon: AI Powered Renewable Energy Solution

For more information:   https://taiwan-pavilion.com/rensol2021

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